Haría Extreme Lanzarote REGULATIONS

ARTICLE 1.0 Sportive attitude and respect for the environment
Haría Extreme race is held with absolute respect for the environment. Traffic circulation won’t be stopped and participants must respect the traffic rules in towns and on roads for public use. Participants will be disqualified from the competition if they display paramilitary behaviour, advocate terrorism, show signs of violent or xenophobic behaviour or leave rubbish behind. It is compulsory to respect crops, livestock and private property. Participants will be responsible for all damages they cause.
ARTICLE 2.0 Registration and payment
  • 1. Only entries made through www.hariextreme.com will be accepted. The required documents must be completed, as well as paying the registration fee.
  • 2. Each participant must complete his/her personal data successfully, as it will be used by the organization during the collection of the race numbers.
  • 3. The payment period will be completed 15 days before the start of the race or until registrations are full.
  • 4. Once registered, you will have a guaranteed spot. In case of cancellation, the organization will only refund the amount on the closing date of the registrations, or up to 15 days before the start of the race. Any changes to an entry (race or name) must be made at most 2 months before the race. After this date no changes can be made.
    1. Cancellation and registration costs.
  • Once the registration is made, the refund can be requested with the consequent costs of cancellation.
    • Until August 15: 80% of the registration.
    • Until October 31: 50% of the registration.
    • From November 1 onwards, no amount will be refunded.

    To apply for the refund of the registration, just in case of injury or illness which makes the runner not able to do the race on the stipulated date, an e-mail will be sent to info@hariaextreme.comstating the personal data, attaching the medical certificate which proves the severity and/or major cause of the withdrawal.

    1. Change of the modality.

    The organization offers the possibility to do a change on the modality provided that there are available bibs in that modality.

    Refunds, change of name or race distance will have an extra charge of 5€

    In order to make the change, you will have to request it by sending an e-mail to info@hariaextreme.com.

    Registrations to any modality of the Haría Extreme Lanzarote will be carried out via internet through the web portal enabled for it.

    The registration to any of the modalities of the Haría Extreme de Lanzarote 2019, implies the presentation of an official medical certificate (the Ultra modality) signed and stamped by a certified doctor with a validity not exceeding 12 months before the start of the race. If you already have a valid medical certificate, (even if issued for another test) you can send it using the link located at the top of this page.

ARTICLE 2.1. Requirements for participation
  • 1. Be of legal age, except:
    · In the KIDS EXTREME race (from 3 to 15 years).
  • 2. To recognise and accept the conditions of this regulation.
  • 3. To perform all pre-registration and registration steps correctly.
ARTICLE 2.2 Medical form
Participants in the Ultra race, they must present a medical certificate, filled and sealed by a registered physician and with a maximum seniority of January 1, 2019, unless it requires updating due to illness or injury (The medical form of other race will not be valid) This certificate will certify the aptitude of the participant in the chosen race. The model for this certificate will be available in the registration section and must be scanned and uploaded to the same section before November 12nd.
ARTICLE 2.3 Disclaimers
Participants entered in the Haría Extreme comprehend that they participate voluntarily and under their own responsibility during the competition. Therefore, they disclaim any complaint to the organizers, collaborators, sponsors and other participants. When carrying out the online registration, participants agree and accept the document of disclaim.
ARTICLE 2.4 Image rights
The organization has the exclusive rights on the image of Haría Extreme and use of audio-visual, photographic and journalistic material. Any media or advertising project requires the prior consent of the organization.
ARTICLE 2.5 Publicity
It is compulsory for participants to use the equipment and advertising material supplied by the organization (numbers, stickers, etc.). The modification, bending or hiding of the advertising material will be penalized. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of participants to maintain the advertising material supplied by the organization.
ARTICLE 3.0 Equipment controls
Technical verifications may be made during the bip collection and / or during the race by the judges of the organization. In case of being done during the bip collection, the organization will be in charge of communicating it to all the participants.
ARTICLE 3.1 Starting and finishing
The race timer will start the race at the set time with or without the presence of the participants. Participants who are not present within 15 minutes of the start will be disqualified.
ARTICLE 4.0 Checkpoints
They are located at the aid stations. Skipping one or more Checkpoints will lead to the disqualification from the competition.
ARTICLE 4.1 Aid stations and external assistance
Aid stations are established Checkpoints by the organization for the dispensing of liquid, solid or both. All the participants need their own water container (required material)
Ultra: 1’5 litre container
Marathon, Medium, Starter: 0.5 litre container
External assistance is permited in all the ULTRA and MARATHON aid stations. 100 meters before and 100 meters after the organization aid station.
ARTICLE 4.2 Aid stations’ closing times
Every aid stations has a particular closing time. Participants who finish a section after the closing time will be automatically taken out of the race.
ARTICLE 5.0 Abandoning the race
Withdrawals must be made at the Checkpoints. If by accident or injury, the runner cannot reach a Checkpoint, they must follow the rescue procedure by contacting the organization through the Emergency Mobile Phone.
ARTICLE 5.1 Race directors’ responsibility
The Race Directors may withdraw any participant from the competition if they are considered to have a diminished physical or technical ability, do not have the required material or their material is not in the appropriate condition to continue.
ARTICLE 5.2 Means of progression during the competition
Participants are prohibited from using any assistance or implement other than their own physical ability and hiking sticks. The non-stop nature of the competition means that participants are sufficiently trained to perform physical activity continuously over several hours and they are able to recover without problems to continue with the race (avoiding blisters, tendinitis and other similar injuries).
ARTICLE 5.3 Required material
  • A functioning, fully charged mobile phone
  • ID card, passport or driving license (photo ID)
  • Water tank of minimum 1´5 litre for the Ultra race. Water tank of minimum 0.5 litres for all other races
  • Bip and race chip
  • White front light, minimum 200 lumens, and red rear light (compulsory in the Ultra race)
  • Raincoat and emergency blanket (compulsory in the Ultra race)
  • Cap (Recommended)
  • Sunscreen (Recommended)
  • Footwear and suitable clothing for mountain races, suitable to the weather conditions on the day of the race (Recommended)
ARTICLE 6.0 Safety standards

Not to carry or to not place some of the specified materials by the organization is ground for immediate disqualification from the race, as well as:

  • Failure to heed the instructions of commissioners and collaborators (policemen, civil protection, etc.)
  • Not helping a participant who asks for help
  • Requesting medical assistance without needing it
ARTICLE 7.0 Categories

FEMALE (aged 18 or more) (veteran sub-category from 40 years old).

MALE (aged 18 or more) (veteran sub-category from 45 years old).

In the Starter race, there will also be a category for minors (14-17 years)

IMPORTANT: trophies and gifts will only be delivered at the awards ceremony and pick up. The runners who don’t assist will not have the right to demand them after the event is ended.

These will be the categories of the organization. Federations shall add any other category only if a race is included to their racetrack.

ARTICLE 8.0 Race directors
The Race Directors may suspend, shorten, neutralize or stop the race for safety reasons beyond their control (weather, changes in hydrological flow, etc.).
ARTICLE 8.1 Stewards
They are responsible for the compulsory Checkpoints. Failure to obey the instructions of a steward will result in disqualification. Participants may not request or question the rules, classifications, schedules, etc., from the stewards.
ARTICLE 9.0 Complaints

All claims will be accepted upon payment of a €50 deposit. This deposit will be refunded only if the organization considers the complaint is justified.

Complaints concerning provisional rankings can be made up to 30 minutes after their publication. Once this period concludes, no complaints will be allowed.

ARTICLE 10.0 Suspension of the race
Arista reserves the right to suspend the race for reasons out of their control, such as an alert from the authorities and/ or because of adverse weather conditions. In such case, no refund will be able to cover entries or the expense of the participants.
ARTICLE 11.0 Changes
These rules may be corrected, modified or improved at any time by the organization; as well as any data, rule or section of the route may be changed to ensure the best race possible. When registering, participants are showing their compliance with these rules.
ARTICLE 12.0 Safety
For security reasons, it is prohibited to use trekking poles for the first 5 kilometres of the race. In addition, participants will be required to cover the tips of the poles to prevent any damage to other participants, throughout the time that they are not being used.
ARTICLE 13.0 Weather conditions
In case Arista is forced to suspend the race due to weather conditions (weather alert) or issues which are beyond their control, the participant will not be entitled to refund the registration fee.

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